5 February, 2021

Fire resistance classification update of FA 50N DACH REI, RE, REW system

In terms of fire safety requirements, roofs are an extremely important yet complicated element of investments. It is mainly due to the significant variation in terms of their construction and materials used for production. Yawal FA50N DACH REI, RE, REW system enables designing and making skylights with fire resistance based on FA 50N system profiles.

The roofs of this type have a skeleton structure consisting of aluminium mullions and transoms, in which transparent fillings made of toughened and fire-resistant glass are mounted. Reinforcing sections with cooling inserts are fixed in the profile chambers. In addition to the typical elements of the aluminium system, the roof structure uses insulating materials with very good insulation properties.

These and other features of the system have once again been highly rated by the Building Research Institute, which has confirmed the system's ability to achieve the following fire resistance classes depending on the type of glass used:
- Contraflam Lite 30 IGU Horizontal classes: REI 20, RE 30
- Vetroflam 30 IGU Classes: REI 15, REW 30, RE 30.
The classification provides the possibility of constructing single or double-pitched roofs with a pitch from 0o to 80o and a maximum distance between mullions and transoms of 1228x2308 mm (W x H).