6 September, 2023

Final S.A, a Yawal Group Company, Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary.

Final S.A., a family-owned company with Polish tradition, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Founded in Dąbrowa Górnicza on August 14, 1998, by visionary entrepreneur Edmund Mzyk, the aluminum press shop FINAL S.A. has, from the very beginning, focused on quality, innovation, and continuous development.

The idea of investing in the aluminum extrusion process was part of a strategy to develop architectural aluminum systems under the name Yawal System. In 1990, the first Polish, pioneering system for constructing building facades was designed. Vertical integration allowed for complete control over the quality of the aluminum profile production process. Thanks to the passion, commitment, and vision of the Founder, the dynamic development of FINAL S.A. has continued uninterrupted for 25 years, providing aluminum profiles for many engineering industries on the international market. FINAL S.A. is everywhere where precision, reliability, quality of raw materials, and stability of the extrusion process are valued.

Currently led by the second generation of the Mzyk family, the company continues the mission and vision of its Founder. The current owner, Karolina Mzyk-Callias, while maintaining family traditions, introduces new energy and international experience without forgetting the values and long-term relationships with clients. The principle "quality is our tradition" is immensely important to her.

The significance of tradition is deeply rooted in the activities of FINAL S.A. The company draws from its many years of experience, adapting it to the modern requirements of the market. This is proof that Polish entrepreneurship can be competitive on the international stage, offering top-quality products manufactured in an increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Currently, FINAL S.A. is part of the Yawal Capital Group, which allows it to benefit from the synergy and experience resulting from operating within the competencies of aluminum processing. As a result, the company can more effectively implement its strategy, achieve ambitious goals, and face market challenges as part of a larger whole.

"Entrepreneurship is in our family's DNA. I was taught it from a young age, as were my children, and now my grandchildren are being taught the same. Family and tradition are the most important values in our lives. Along with these values, I have passed on innovation, quality care, and the need for continuous development. I am confident that thanks to this, Final SA, as well as other companies of the Yawal Group, will continue to develop," said Edmund Mzyk, Founder of Final S.A.



From the beginning of its activity, FINAL S.A. has treated innovation as a lever for growth, and now this principle particularly supports the goals of sustainable development. Achieving ambitious CO2 reduction targets – by 2030 the company aims to reduce this level by as much as 30% – requires companies to take a new look at production processes and applied technology, leading to many valuable innovations. Currently, FINAL has four modern production lines located in three plants - Dąbrowa Górnicza, Kuchary, and Herby. The production capacity of the machine park is as much as 26 thousand tons of profiles per year. Automation and meticulous quality control are the foundation of the company's operation and will always be a strategic indicator of success.

"25 years is a long time! Many great things have happened. Our contribution is small on a national scale, but very important for the local community. Organizations like ours create jobs, introduce innovations, build value and wealth that translate into the strength of our community – both on a micro and macro scale, that is, Poland.

The strength and success we have achieved at Final, the reputation we have built and which we enjoy, do NOT lie in the aluminum we produce, but in the PEOPLE who come to work every day with passion and determination. This success is our common achievement.

Over these years, we have experienced a lot. Together we celebrated triumphant moments, rejoicing in new customers, earned bonuses, and innovations we introduced. At these occasions, laughter accompanied us. We comforted each other in sadness when sales results were lacking during crises, we learned together and developed together for our customers.

Together we care about each other and safety at work. By caring for the environment, we create comprehensive aluminum solutions that ensure comfort and safety. We give real shape to dreams!" – said Karolina Mzyk Callias, Owner of the Yawal Group and President of Final S.A. during a meeting with employees on the day of the Anniversary.


FINAL S.A. is acutely aware of the environmental responsibility that comes with industrial activity. Therefore, embarking on a path of sustainable development based on UN directives was not just a matter of time but primarily a conscious choice and a strategic decision in one. "Think globally, act locally" is embedded in the company's DNA. We are part of the Global Compact organization, an initiative of the UN Secretary-General. This is an international forum for the exchange of best practices and education in the field of sustainability.

We think and act ecologically. Both the production processes and the final products of the company are planned with ecology in mind. Aluminum, the core of the company's operations, is one of the most sustainable materials. It's a metal that is 100% recyclable, and its reprocessing uses only 5% of the energy compared to primary production. It is estimated that currently, over 75% of aluminum ever produced is still in use.

The company continuously strives to minimize its negative impact on the environment by optimizing production processes, reducing CO2 emissions, maximizing recycling and resource use, and investing in renewable energy. Every stage of production, from design to delivery, is carefully monitored for environmental impact.

From the very beginning of its operations, Final decided to conduct business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Therefore, in August 2023, the company announced that its production processes exclusively use aluminum ingots cast from primary and secondary aluminum sourced outside of Russia.


Joining the Global Compact means that FINAL S.A. has committed to implementing the ten principles of this initiative, which concern human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption. Through its actions, the company strives to achieve several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN for 2030.

The company is an active participant in programs aimed at protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development. It conducts a number of initiatives in this area, such as educational programs, activities aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting the local community.

Sustainable development, environmental responsibility, and active community engagement have become integral parts of FINAL S.A.'s operations. By aligning its activities with environmental care, Final reaffirms that responsible business is possible and brings benefits not only to the business but also to society and the planet.

Entering its third decade of existence, FINAL S.A. holds its head high. Years of tradition, experience, stability, and commitment to development have led to success and a solid market position. The 25th anniversary is a time for celebration but also for reflection on the future and further plans.