21 July, 2020

External railing system Portfenetr PF 40 from YAWAL S.A.

Portfenetr type windows are the everlasting architectonic trend. These substitutes of balconies, which derive from French palaces, are a successful decorative element of façades in offices and residential buildings. The unfailing popularity of this solution has contributed to the extension of Yawal S.A. offer by a new product - the external railing system Portfenetr PF 40.

“French” windows usually reach from the floor to the ceiling. They increase admission of light to rooms and facilitate their ventilation. Even though their structure indicates otherwise, they do not lead to the balcony. Only a narrow windowsill is assembled from the outside. Using this type of solution on higher storeys, the investor is obliged to secure the window at the outside with a railing. The railing has double function. It ensures safety to the users of the portfenetr solution and is a very attractive architectonic element, which, together with the window, gives elegance and lightness to the body of the building.

Alternatively, aluminium strip securing the window edge.

Assembly method

Not to waste the increased admission of light to the rooms by securing the French balconies with bar railings, it is recommended to use glass railing mounted to windows with the Yawal Portfenetr PF 40 system. The solution is made of strong and durable profiles which ensure maximum level of safety. The railing structure is mounted to the window frame. Thanks to use of special crosspiece, it is possible to construct the railing on both single- and double-leaf structures. The solution is installed to the frame on vertical profiles in the “H” version, and on vertical profiles and a horizontal profile in the “U” version.

Unique solution to make the assembly easier

Contrary to solutions available at the competitive companies, the Portfenetr PF 40 system is delivered to the manufacturers in a ready to assembly form. The base profiles and pressure strips of the system are sold in a version with drilled assembly openings, which facilitates prefabrication and assembly, thus significantly lowers costs.

Elegant railing finish

Yawal constructors paid special attention to aesthetic finish of the system. They designed special masking clip, thanks to which the installation screws are hidden, and the whole railing looks very elegant. This solution is not available in products offered by competitive companies. Moreover, the masking clip is made in the same way as the façade clip, which shortens the time of assembly and disassembly of the structure making it easier.