16 March, 2023

Exceptional awards for Yawal

On 16 March 2023, Yawal S.A received two exceptional awards.

The first award is the BUILDING COMPANY OF THE YEAR, awarded by the Editorial and Scientific Board of the monthly magazine "Builder" to companies from the construction industry for their dynamic development and achieved position in the construction market; for special achievements in a given year, distinguishing the company against the background of the industry and the competition.

While another, the Personality of the Industry 2022 for the President of Yawal, Ms Karolina Mzyk Callias, was a special award, given by the Editorial and Scientific Board of the monthly magazine to company heads - personalities of the industry, for effective management, effective expansion of the company's potential and competitive advantage, as well as for entrepreneurship and business intuition and support for initiatives that are important for the development of the industry.

During the Builder Leaders Gala, the awards were personally received by the President of Yawal S.A. Ms Karolina Mzyk Callias

„Industry Personality is a great accolade, especially for a young senior CEO who stands at the very beginning of the journey towards this dream of a strong Yawal brand. My personal goal as CEO and second-generation Owner is to strengthen the market position of Yawal Systems. To create a strong, agile organisation based on collaboration, leadership and group synergy. Relentlessly 'challenging' its managers. We create new mental maps in the organisation. We are building a NEW YAWAL - a sovereign organisation with strong leaders, aligned processes, resilient to the volatility of the environment. I want to invite our customers to co-create our organisation, I often think of us and our business partners as ... a Yawal community. And with this in mind I am planning a strategy for the next 30 years, creating a legacy around the Yawal brand.” - Said Karolina Mzyk Callias for Builder magazine

Yawal S.A. is one of the leading suppliers of architectural aluminium systems for facility and residential construction in Poland. It owes its position to the founding vision of Edmund Mzyk and the experience of more than 30 years of working with the construction and architecture sector in Europe, as well as a wide range of innovative solutions. The company's mission has always been to design and offer comprehensive, world-class system solutions for living comfort and safety. The company is currently managed in the second generation of ownership by Edmund Mzyk's daughter Karolina Mzyk-Callias

The company was founded in September 1990 and was one of the first in the country to start producing aluminium joinery from thermally insulated profiles imported from Western Europe. After the first successes, further ambitious plans followed, the first Polish architectural aluminium profile system was developed and its production was launched in Herby near Częstochowa. The first batch of YAWAL System profiles appeared on the market as early as 1993. Currently, the company's systems are sold on markets all over Europe, and Yawal S.A.'s partners and customers include several hundred domestic and foreign entities. The company's headquarters and production halls are still located in Herby near Częstochowa.

The Yawal Group currently includes several companies: Yawal S.A., Yawal USA, Final S.A. Akrivea S.A. and Ypsos Sp. z o.o. All companies have Polish equity and their activities focus on the processing of aluminium and its products of the highest world quality for many industries, including modern construction. Thanks to this structure, the group is able to provide its customers with quality guarantees throughout the entire process - from stamping to design, prefabrication and support for the execution of even the largest buildings. Today, the Yawal Group's priority is to focus on market needs, a flexible way of operating and agile management of its product offering and customer support. The company's values have for years invariably been innovation, customer-centricity and the sustainability of the organisation as a whole - the company is a partner of the UN Global Compact. Yawal's current vision encompasses the next 30 years of sustainable corporate development, pays respect to 33 years of heritage, and combines Polish tradition with the latest technological and customer service trends from around the world.