24 February, 2023

Educational Pavilion ‘Kamień’ (‘Stone’) - a non-standard project based on Yawal’s systems

Yawal's portfolio includes quite non-standard projects that surprise with their unique character.

One of them is the Educational Pavilion “Kamień” (‘Stone’) - as suggested by its, it is a building in the shape of ... a stone.

Yawal accepted the challenge of providing appropriate window and door systems with pleasure not only because the company is not afraid to face challenges, but also because the variety of Yawal's offer gives the possibility to make even the most original dreams reality. The flexibility of the solutions offered by Yawal allowed for creating an object that is not only original in appearance, but which is also ecological, and above all - an object that serves the local community.

The Educational Pavilion “Kamień” (‘Stone’) in Golędzinów, located by the Gdański Bridge, is a space where field lessons about nature, ecological workshops, as well as walks in the footsteps of the Vistula animals and plants take place. The pavilion is located between the Vistula embankment and Wybrzeże Puckie Street. The building that resembles a glacial boulder is composed of two floors: a multifunctional, open space on the ground floor that allows for almost any arrangement, and an exhibition mezzanine. The pavilion's offer is dedicated to to educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, local communities, as well as artists who want to show their works or organize meetings there. The building was awarded the second prize in the 15th edition of the contest organized by the Society of Polish Town Planners for the best developed public space in the category “Public Space Revitalized in Greenery".


The System TM 74HI thermally insulated window and door system and the System FA 50N façade system were installed in the pavilion. The TM 74HI system is used to construct windows, doors and display windows that are to be characterized by high thermal insulation parameters. It is intended for use in residential as well as public and industrial buildings. Thermal insulators used in the system and the filling of the space between them with polyurethane foam ensure low coefficient of heat loss. The system is adapted to construct structures of large dimensions - reinforced aluminium profiles are use din the system that are suitable for the load of large glazed surfaces. It also allows you to create structures at any angle.

The FA 50N system, in turn, allows for designing and building light curtain walls and is classified as one of the best curtain walls systems available on the market in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, water tightness and wind load resistance. The great variety of solutions possible within the system provides free shaping of the façade with regard to its geometry and colour scheme. The product has also been tested in one of the European research institutes.

The Yawal company combines the experience gained over 30 years of its activities on the market with modern solutions offered to customers. The great variety of innovative products places the company among the leading suppliers of architectural systems in Poland. Modern architecture is, above all, intended to serve future generations as well, which is why Yawal's idea is to be guided by the principles of sustainable development. One of the challenges posed by Yawal is to exceed expectations, which is why the company's offer includes a wide range of systems characterized by high thermal insulation.