21 January, 2021


Glass facades have been dominating the landscape of modern office and retail buildings for many years, and increasingly in residential architecture as well. An extremely important issue connected with this type of construction is the possibility of easy and quick installation of opening elements, such as windows and doors, in glass façades. Especially, if we take into account the increasing size and weight of window and door leafs. For this reason, Yawal is introducing new window and door mounting profiles for FA 50N and FA 50N SL facade systems into its product range.

Among the facilities offered, the innovative solution of fastening doors to the FA 50N SL facade is particularly worth mentioning. A specially shaped profile connected to the frame allows the frame to be fitted to the post cup, which is particularly important for heavy and large door leaves.

Importantly, Yawal supplies its customers with new profiles ready for installation, all the necessary holes and milling being done at the production stage. In this way, Yawal reduces the time needed for prefabrication at its partners, reducing their costs and installation time. What is more, being fixed to the door socket, they do not require adjustments and corrections during their lifetime.

OTM 74HI window in FA 50N facade

TM 77HI window in FA 50N facade

TM 77HI window in FA 50N SL facade

TM 102HI window in FA 50N facade