19 May, 2023

DP 180 Primeview and Moreview systems from Yawal S.A. honoured with Top Builder award

Moreview and DP 180 Primeview systems from Yawal S.A. were again awarded at the Top Builder competition.

This time, the awards were presented in the category 'Recommended product based on years of use, market verified'.

The Top Builder competition, organised by the Builder magazine, is one of the most prestigious events in the construction industry, which recognises the most innovative solutions available on the market. Awards are granted in various categories to recognise leaders in design and construction.

The statues at the Top Builder Gala in Warsaw were received by Artur Depta, Member of the Management Board and Financial Director of Yawal S.A.

We feel honoured and distinguished by this award. Both systems have been created with attention to detail, workmanship and user comfort, taking into account the needs of the most demanding customers. This is why we treat the Top Builder awards as confirmation and appreciation of our efforts by our Customers. We would like to thank the Editorial Board of the "Builder" monthly for the opportunity to receive the Top Builder distinctions," said Artur Depta, Member of the Board and Financial Director of Yawal S.A.

The DP 180 Primeview system is used to make windows and overhead sliding doors for external development. It has the effect of lowering thermal energy losses and thus reducing the operating costs of the buildings in which it is used. This is achieved through a double line of thermal isolators, which increase the thermal insulation coefficient of the system. In addition, the threshold-free design not only makes it easier to move around the dwelling and optically enlarges the space, but also allows the interior to be created in the style of the latest trends, where immense glazing dominates.

The Moreview system, on the other hand, guarantees unrestricted access to sunlight thanks to the 98% transparency of the glass sheet. Structures based on this system can reach up to 4 metres in height, making it possible to create virtually glass walls in the interior. For the comfort of the user, the system has a mechanism that makes it easy to open and close the heavy sashes, making it simple to operate even for children and people with reduced mobility. In addition, the Moreview system allows for the replacement of the worn track rollers without having to dismantle the entire sash and is equipped with a linear drainage system that is invisible to the user, just like the entire frame. Fittings can also be replaced without dismantling the sashes thanks to Yawal's patented solution. It is also a system characterised by a high thermal and acoustic insulation coefficient, allowing for a low-cost and quiet interior.

For even greater user comfort, both Primeview and Moreview can be automated. In the case of Moreview, two packages are available: surface-mounted, where the automatic beam is fixed to the top door frame on the inside, and Premium, where all the automatics are completely hidden in the frame so that the user cannot see any structural components. Primeview also offers the ability to automatise the process and is designed to create pocket doors and hide the frame of the structure in the building walls.

Both systems have already been used in hundreds of projects, where they have served their purpose for several years. Moreview and Primeview systems from Yawal provide users with comfort, and security and eliminate barriers between the interior and the garden.