22 November, 2022


We would like to inform you about the dates related to the processing of orders during the planned Christmas-New Year break in order to simplify the process of planning your orders and to ensure the best possible quality of service:

until 30.11.2022 r. - returns will be taken

16.12.2022 r. - closing of registration for orders that are to be processed in line with the General Terms and Conditions

23.12.2022 r. - last shipments/personal pickups 27/28.12.2022 - last deliveries of shipments from 23.12.2022

27/28.12.2022 r. - ostatnie dostawy wysyłek z 23.12.2022 r.

24.12.2022 r. - 08.01.2023 r. – technology break (orders and other operations in the system will not be executed)

09.01.2023 r. – restart of production

11.01.2023 r. – restart of order shipments

Please consider the mentioned information in your production and installation plans.

At the same time, we encourage you to increase your orders in November and December. Yawal S.A. Customer Service Office will keep functioning during the technological break without distractions, excluding statutory holidays.

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