5 October, 2023

At Yawal, We Have Seaside as Standard.

Are you considering purchasing aluminum profile systems for windows and doors for areas exposed to harmful atmospheric factors, such as coastal regions?

Or do you simply want to ensure maximum durability of the powder-coated finish on your aluminum windows and doors?

Then definitely come to Yawal, because we provide, as standard, Qualicoat certified powder coating in Seaside technology. Haven't heard of Seaside? No problem, though it's an important criterion for choosing aluminum joinery for a knowledgeable manufacturer and customer.

What does this mean for the investor and for the manufacturer? A guarantee of the durability of the powder coating of aluminum profiles, controlled and documented according to the recommendations of the Qualicoat Seaside standard. Why do we emphasize this? Because not all aluminum system manufacturers offer such a finish for profiles… as standard.

Powder coating under such a rigorous procedure involves additional actions, time, and most importantly, a decision by the organization to take responsibility for the highest quality of surface preparation. This results in exceptional corrosion resistance of our profiles, even under difficult conditions, especially in coastal areas - hence the name of the Seaside certificate. Moreover, YAWAL windows, doors, and facades with Seaside as standard retain their original appearance and color for many years.

The Seaside certification also indicates that the aluminum processing at Yawal S.A. is carried out with the highest industry standards. Etching aluminum, which eliminates oxide layers responsible for corrosion, and then preparing the surface for painting to achieve optimal porosity, are just some of the advanced stages of processing. Such solutions meet the most rigorous standards, such as corrosion classes C4 and C5.

What if a profile supplier does not offer Seaside treatment as standard? Aluminum profiles without such treatment and protection can become susceptible to corrosion, especially under conditions of intense exposure to saline air. This can lead to unsightly stains, color loss, and in extreme cases, even structural damage.

In many places, Seaside technology is treated as an extra that requires additional payment. At Yawal S.A., Seaside is the standard. Every customer choosing Yawal products benefits from this advanced technology without additional costs, ensuring the highest quality of paint coatings.