11 October, 2020


In 2020 Yawal S.A. celebrates its 30th anniversary. From the beginning of its existence to the present day, the company has been constantly shaping contemporary architectural trends, creating innovative solutions tailored to the needs of each project.


On 14th September 1990, the now non-existent bar "Kaczorek" was opened in Warsaw - the first realization made by PPH Yawal. This day marks the symbolic start of the company's activity. The passion of the company founder, Edmund Mzyk, for technology and innovation contributed to Yawal's position as a pioneer of a modern product in the aluminium joinery industry. At the beginning of its operation Yawal made constructions based on systems imported from Western Europe. The implementation of a number of projects contributed to the acquisition of knowledge and experience, which enabled the company to produce the first Polish system of thermally insulated profiles as early as three years after it opened for production. It has become a marker of quality on the market thanks to its energy efficiency level, which was very high at
the time, and its revolutionary modern design. It was a breakthrough moment for the company. The first companies producing constructions from Yawal's systems appeared, among others: PŚB Leszek Pluta, PPU HEGOR Sp. z o.o., BUD-AL Wiesław Mikuła, Z.P.U. TONTOR or ZIMNY Sp. z o.o. These entities still cooperate with Yawal today. The first investment executed on the basis of Yawal systems was Terminal in Świecko. Soon, a number of investments were completed, including a paint shop and a thermal bridge department. Production of system accessories was launched. From an aluminium joinery manufacturer Yawal turned into a system company not only distributing aluminium profiles for architectural purposes, but also offering modern technologies and training services. Young engineers joining the team appreciated the company's new approach to cooperation and product. Some of them still work for the company today. Sławomir Bardziński, Director of Technical Support and Building Sales, recalls:

"Yawal gave its business partners and architects something unheard of in the early 1990s - technical support. We didn't just sell our product to customers. We created the whole project together with them from scratch. From the concept born in the investor's mind to the consultation with the architect and the realisation of the joinery. Today, this is the standard of operation of the system provider, at the time it was an extraordinary added value".

The company's motto "Give shape to thoughts" has its roots in the customer-centred approach. Its core was the liberty and freedom of creation that Yawal's technology gave architects and investors. This motto has guided the company's activities to this day. The only thing that has changed is the concepts and visions, which are more and more bold, but still possible thanks to Yawal systems.


In 1996, the legal form of the company was changed. YAWAL S.A. was established in the place of the two previous companies. The company has been operating in this legal form until today. In 1998, Yawal S.A. established Final S.A., and in 1999 the construction of an aluminium profile extrusion plant located in Dąbrowa Górnicza was completed. In the era of growing and increasingly demanding competition also from foreign companies, with whom YAWAL cooperated closely, and as a result of growing demand for aluminium profile systems, the time has come for further investments. In July 1997, in the new building in Herby, spacious storage halls were built and a high-performance powder coating plant was launched, equipped with a modern sewage treatment plant. Already then Yawal S.A. was particularly concerned about environmental protection. In 2007, the opening of a new pressing plant in Herby took place. In 2009-2010, the company's paint shop was modernised, first launching a production line for wood-like painting and then a fully automatic vertical powder coating line. In 2011, the machining department, the high bay warehouse and the prefabrication department were launched. In 2018 the warehouses in Dąbrowa Górnicza were expanded due to the growing demand from customers.


Edmund Mzyk
Founder of the Yawal Group

"Since the beginning, Yawal's success has been sustained by people. They formed a team committed, open to knowledge and the world, hungry for success, dedicated to the client, working hard and having fun together. We have always relied on dynamic and entrepreneurial individuals, graduates who joined us, were trained and found the best place for themselves. Thanks to them Yawal was and is a world-class technology company."


Karolina Mzyk
Owner and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Yawal S.A.

"The success of Yawal - as well as any company in the world - relies on its environment. It depends on who people want to work there, the customers it can serve, the support institutions and the markets it can operate on. For this reason, Yawal will continue to grow, taking care of all the stakeholders involved, from employees to business partners to our community, and taking care of the environment."

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