ePOWER - hidden drive for HS already available from YAWAL!

YAWAL S.A. as the first aluminum system supplier in Poland and one of the first in Europe introduces an innovative solution of G-U company.


Battery that allows the door to be operated in the event of a power failure

The sliding door drive type HS is completely concealed in the leaf and there are no visible parts. The solution fits perfectly into the idea of the so-called "intelligent house". The automatic unit in cooperation with the control panel can be operated from a smartphone or tablet.

Touch panel to control the door

Below you will find the main features of the new solution:

- solution available for plan A,

- maximum weight of the movable leaf - 400 kg,

- no cable connection between the leaf and the frame,

- simple and safe installation thanks to "plug and play" modules,

- a battery that allows the door to be operated in the event of a power failure,

- safe operation thanks to intelligent obstacle detection,

- the offer also includes additional steering elements: fingerprint reader, numeric panel or remote control.

You will find technical details about this solution in the latest version of the DP180 system catalogue. In the calculation programs YAWAL CONSTRUKTOR and LOGIKAL, the solution will be found on the occasion of the next update.