Yawal Constructor update - 16.02.2021

On 16th of February 2021 Yawal released new Yawal Constructor update. The following changes have been made to the program:

  1. New DP 150 THERMO Monorail solution has been added.
  2. The new DP 150 THERMO solution has been added with narrow profiles at the sash joint.
  3. Missing thermal parameters have been added to the TM 74HI, TM 77HI and TM 102HI systems.
  4. Supplemented with drawings and cross-sections in DP 180, DP 150T, PBI 50NTM 75EI and TM 75EI ver 82 systems.
  5. The selection of elements in three-point locks was verified.
  6. New templates have been added for the DP 150T, TM 75EI systems - external door and TM 75EI ver 82 - external door.
  7. New aluminum profiles in FA 50N have been added in the inter-story chords.
  8. The construction parameters in the PBI 50N system were made uniform.
  9. The selection of elements in the T90 connections in the PBI 50N system was verified.
  10. New functionality added in the program - own system nomenclature.
  11. Added new functionality in the program - additional information channel regarding sales promotions.
  12. Promotional prices have been added for ROTO Designo window hardware.
  13. Parameters have been added for T90 connections in the door.
  14. Added information about the retirement of the DP 100 system.
  15. Information has been added about the validation for the PBI 40E and TM 75EI Automaty systems, ending in December 2021,

 Download the update