Private house

okolice Łodzi
Koziej Architekci
Zimny Sp. z o.o.

The presented investment is visually divided into two blocks. The first one, made of brick with a gable roof, houses a common space with a kitchen and living room, while the second one, characterised by light colours with a flat roof, is intended for sleeping rooms. Thanks to this arrangement of the building, the terrace is overshadowed and the living room is maximally illuminated.

The DP 180 sliding door system was used to create terrace doors, while the windows on the ground floor were made on the basis of TM 102HI system. Due to the southern exposure of the building, sunscreen was used in the structures. The most interesting architectural solution used in the investment is the one developed by the contractor - Zimny Sp. z o.o. - The so-called L-shaped windows connecting high windows in the upper part of the building with roof windows. The contractor designed these structures based on the Yawal FA 50N facade system in a non-standard way. The panes are connected by means of silicone, without the use of aluminium profiles supporting them. An extremely aesthetic, visual continuation of the L-shaped window is the fixed shop windows on the ground floor made on the basis of TM 82W HI system. This system fits into the contemporary trend of hiding the frames of the structure in the walls of the building, which can be seen on the example of a narrow and very high window located in the living room.

Systems used