Private house

okolice Łodzi
JSK Studio
Zimny Sp. z o.o.

The modern house designed by Jolanta Kolenda, co-owner of JSK Studio is located on the outskirts of Łódź. The building attracts the eye with its interesting architecture, the real beauty of the house, manifested by its large glazing, is not, however, directly visible from the roadside, so that the users of the house can feel at ease and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden. The window and door joinery was made by Zimny Sp. z o.o. Panel entrance doors with side light were constructed on the basis of TM 102HI Prestige system. Their minimalist design gives the whole building a stylish character. The windows in the whole house are based on the TM 77HI system. Their characteristic feature is the solution of a hidden wing, thanks to which the structure looks as if it is impossible to be opened. An unusual structure in the design is a narrow window on the ground floor of the building, complemented by a skylight with a tilt opening, which uses a hidden actuator. The windows on the first floor of the building, both from the front and back, are surrounded by an all-glass balustrade of the BA 50 system. The real decoration of the house, which at the same time guarantees the inflow of sunlight to all rooms, is the corner glass façade made on the basis of the top Yawal FA 50N system. For the construction of terrace doors, the DP 180 system was used, which provides a virtually threshold-free installation to facilitate movement. 

Systems used