Private house

okolice Łodzi
Reform Architekt Sp. z o.o.
Zimny Sp. z o.o.

An investment involving a single-family house nearby Łódź was executed with the participation of the company Zimny Sp. z o.o.. The project was performed by Marcin Tomaszewski, the founder of the company Reform Architekt. The use of numerous glazings at home guarantees the free inflow of natural light, whilst large dimensions of the structure give us the feeling of being connected with nature. Sunshade glazing was installed on the South-West façades. The door of the patio and balcony were made based on the overhead sliding DP 180 system. Fixed elements were connected with silicone grout. On the other hand, the sliding door of the cottage next to the swimming pool was executed using the DP Slide system in DP 86 version. The door leaf hides in the wall of the building after it is opened. To construct external walls, which main task was to protect the users against the wind, the PBI 40E system was used. Based on it, an individual solution was designed, in which it is possible to remove fixed glazing, and the frames of the structure are fully hidden in the walls of the building. Another individual solution used in the project is door facing the façade surface, which is manufactured in a version ready for plastering. They are based on the window and door system with thermal insulation TM 77HI. Based on this system, the window on the first floor with hidden sash and fixed display widows, which frames are hidden in the façade, were executed. Due to large dimensions of glazing, the glazing was applied from outside. Same as in the case of the patio door, glass panes were connected with silicone grout.

Systems used