PBI 50N System

This system is dedicated to constructing partitions and construction for assembly indoors, that don't require thermal insulation, such as: swing doors, serving windows, non-supporting partition walls, display widows, boxes.

Profile depth - 50 mm makes it one of the strongest profiles available on the market in this category. This system uses technological solutions transferred from "warm" PI 50N System, introduced earlier and basing on groove hinges. The accessories and fittings are identical in those two systems. Such unification allows for quick manufacturing of constructions, eliminating possible prefabrication faults.

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• possibility of manufacturing smoke-proof constructions,
• possibility of creating swing doors and service windows,
• possibility of creating arched constructions,
• possibility of setting the walls at any angle,
• possibility of creating large-dimensioned constructions due to wide selection of profiles (including reinforced mullions),
• possibility of constructing outwards and inwards opened doors, all-glass, one-leaf and two-leaf doors,
• possibility of combination with other Yawal systems.


Air permeability class 2 acc. to PN-EN 1227
Operation force class 2 acc. to PN-EN 12046-2:2001
Mechanical life class 5 acc. to PN-EN 12400:2004
Smoke proofness klasa Sa, Sm acc. to PN-EN 1634-3
Acoustic insulation R≤ 38 dB acc. to PN-EN ISO 10140-3
Technical approval AT-15-6924/2016


  Windows structural depth Glazing beam height Glass pane thickness
 (mm) PO* PS*    
Windows 50 57 20/22 6÷43
Service windows 50   21,8/45,5 20  4÷6,4
Doors made of window profiles 50  57 20/22   4÷43 
Swing door 50  50  20/22 4÷34 
Standard door 50 50  20/22   4÷34
Top-hung door
50  50 20/22   6÷34
Accordion door 50  57  20/22   6÷43 

PO* - Frame profile / PS* - Leaf profile

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