PBI 50 GLASS System

PBI 50 Glass is a system of profiles without thermal insulation intended for the execution of light walls and indoor partitions of high performance and aesthetic properties.

The system is perfect for the execution of permanent walls and all-glass door leaves. Construction products made on the basis of the PBI 50 Glass system are intended for use in residential buildings, public utility buildings, and as indoor partitions.

Doors and walls of the YAWAL® PBI 50 Glass system may also be used as outdoor partitions, however only if no requirements regarding thermal insulation, water tightness and air permeability are defined. In such an event, static calculations should consider loads of wind force and suction acc. to PN-77/B-02011.

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  • no crosspieces which divide the glazing,
  • simple construction in prefabrication,
  • possibility of using various contour profiles,
  • maximum structure height is 3.1mm,
  • the system is adjusted to fittings of CDA company,
  • easy assembly,
  • possibility of installation of transparent infills of thickness not lower than 12 mm,
  • possibility of combination with other Yawal systems.


 impact resistance (30 kg) class 2 (60J) acc. to PN-EN 949-2000
 static torsional strength class 2 (250N) acc. to PN-EN 948-2000
 resistance to load acting in the plane of the leaf class 2 (600N) acc. to PN-EN 947-2000
 mechanical life class 2 acc. to PN-EN 949, 948, 947-2000
 shocks class 2 acc. to PB LK-078/8/04-2010
 resistance to numerous closing and opening class 6 acc. to PN-EN 1191:2013-06

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