TM 82W HI System

TM 82W HI - a unique solution for display windows glazed from the outside.

TM 82W HI - provides simple and problem-free installation of large-sized glazings in various types of display windows and large glazed structures. It’s a unique structure, without any equivalent offer on the market. 

Perfect tightness parameters of the new solution have been confirmed during the construction  tests carried out by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

TM 82W HI system is also the winner of the IRBS 2019 and TopBuilder 2019 competitions.

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  • glazing installation from the outside makes it easier to assembly even the largest possible glazing and to avoid the necessity of carrying the glass panes into the room,
  • window structure - the weight of the glass pane is transferred perpendicular onto the profile, so the effect of transom twisting doesn’t occur,
  • perfect thermal insulation of this solution (Uw from 0,5 W/m²K),
  • possibility of installing triple-glazed glass panes , thickness up to 60mm,
  • max. infill weight 500 kg,
  • due to clips and strips of the FA 50N system used on the outside the structure resembles visually  resembles,
  • system installation of windows and doors, including panel doors,
  • the mullion is prepared, as a precondition, for the application of steel reinforcement in order to obtain better static parameters,
  • the minimum  quantity of new elements in the system and the possibility to use recognised and popular seals and connectors of other systems allows for optimisation of stock.


Scope of tests Functional property
Qualification standard

Basic characteristics Test method
Type test
Air permeability PN-EN 1026:2016 Class 4 PN-EN 12207:2001
PN-EN 12207:2017
Water tightness PN-EN 1027:2016 E900 (900 Pa) PN-EN 12208:2001
Wind load resistance

PN-EN 12211:2016


CE2400 (2400 Pa) BE2400 (2400 Pa) PN-EN 12210:2001
Safety test ±3600 Pa

Impact resistance (from outside and from inside)

PN-EN 13049:2004 Class 5 (950 mm) PN-EN 13049:2004

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