TM 74HI Module System - modular solution

TM 74HI MODULE is a system of aluminium profiles intended for manufacture of curtain walls.

This solutions allows for erection of buildings facades constructed of modules connected with one another in a system manner (considering, amongst others, expansion joints between modules). The basis for the new system are popular window solutions TM 74HI and TM 74HI US, which are additionally supplemented with decorative clips of FA 50N system.

An interesting characteristic of this solution is the possibility of obaining fluent shift between elements glazed traditionally on the internal side of the building and, elements glazed on the external side of the building.

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  • modular construction of the building facade which positively influences the time and quality of assembly,
  • modern solutions of expansion joints between modules,
  • fluent shift between elements glazed in the internal and external side of the building,
  • possibility of combination with other Yawal systems.