Smoke Vents

In order to provide protection against harmful smoke during fire, we use ventilation systems that allow for creating smoke-free zones.

This can be achieved by installing Yawal smoke vents. Smoke vents are made of profiles used in roof windows. The control and driving elements used in such installations are professional, tested and certified actuators, complying with EN 12101-2 standard.

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• possibility of using chain, pin or arm actuators, driven pneumatically or electrically.
• possibility of using single actuators or actuators synchronised in tandem arrangement,
• increase of fire safety, easier fire fighting operations and easier fire escape due to increased visibility and lowered temperature in roof area,
• great variety and high functionality of applied solutions,
• possibility of combination with other Yawal systems.


Max. dimensions of roof window sash 1400 x 2300 mm
Max. opening angle of smoke vent 90˚
Air permeability class 3 acc. to PN-EN 12207
Water tightness; inclination angle 3˚, 45˚, 75˚ E1500 acc. to PN-EN 12208
Wind load resistance class C3/B3 acc. to PN-EN 12210
Leaf weight up to 160 kg
Leakage coefficients taking into consideration side wind influence