FA 50N DACH EI System

System FA 50N DACH REI 15, REI 20, RE 30, REW 30 allows for designing and production of a glazed roof (fireproof skylight) and a support structure made of aluminium profiles in system FA 50N.

The system is a skeleton construction, consisting of aluminium transoms and mullions. The installed transparent infills are made of fireproof, hardened glass. There are reinforcing shapes with cooling inserts in profile chambers. The structure of the roof, apart from standard elements of aluminium system, also consists of materials with excellent fire protection properties.

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• possibility of manufacturing glazed mono-pitched and double - pitched roofs, angled from 0º-80º,
• possibility of creating a structure of various colours and with diversified surface finish,
• complies with stringent fire protection standards - class of fire resistance REI 15, REI 20, RE 30, REW 30,
• possibility of manufacturing skylights and glazed roofs in a variety of shapes,
• possibility of manufacturing skylight in a structural version,

• possibility of combination with other Yawal systems.


Air permeability class AE 1200 acc. to PN-EN 12152
Water tightness class RE 1200 acc. to PN-EN 12154
Heat transfer coefficient Uf = from 1,27 W/m2K acc. to PN-EN ISO 10077-2
Wind load resistance 1700-1800 Pa acc. to PN-EN 13116
Acoustic insulation Rw = 31÷44 dB acc. to PN-EN ISO 140-3
Fire classification
class REI 15, REI 20, RE 30, REW 30 acc. to PN-EN 12501-2
External visible width 50 mm
Internal visible width 50 mm
Glazing thickness 10÷80 mm
Glazing assembly by means of termination bars and masking strips
Max glazing dimension 1228 x 2308 mm (width x height)
Max glazing surface 2,02 m²
Max distance between the rafters 1250 mm (value in axis)


FA 50N DACH EI System - Reference objects