Overlapping system FA 50N A

Among the Yawal Facade systems there is a new product - overlapping system FA 50N A.

This solution is based on our recognized and appreciated basic facade system FA 50N. The structure of this system allows for designing and building light mullion-transom curtain walls, installed on wooden or steel supporting structure of a building. Such a combination provides durable, strong and aesthetic curtain that covers the underlying architectural form.

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• possibility of application as facade walls,
• large selection of termination bars and masking strips,
• possibility of creating a semi-structural curtain (SL),
• excellent thermal insulation 0.6 W/m²K for HI facade and 0.8 W/m² for semi-structural facade,
• good tightness,
• one profile per mullion and transom,
• possibility of combination with other Yawal systems,
• profile prefabricated by Yawal S.A,
• easy to assembly.


Profile width 50 mm
Glazing range 6÷62 mm
Thermal insulation Uf from 0,6 W/m2K



This newest system is dedicated to creating glazed facades for buildings such as banks, hotels, public buildings, offices, sports halls, etc. The glass curtain thus created provides appropriate lighting of the interiors, its presentation and protection from various weather conditions. Furthermore, due to large selection of available masking strips and termination bars, it is possible to shape the facade freely with regard to its geometry and colour scheme. It is also possible to create a semi - structural version of the facade and form homogeneous and smooth surface. This system is perfect for designing and shaping temporary, unbounded and unlimited architectural forms.

FA 50N A combines strength and aesthetics. It is characterised with simplicity and minimalism, distinctive features of modern architecture. The new facade system is distinguished by the method of assembly of window panes on the mullions and transoms and by the specific construction of the window panes that helps in creating a smooth glass surface divided only by a grid of 20 mm wide vertical and horizontal lines. The gaps around the glass panes are filled with silicone or a seal of special construction. Despite its small dimensions, this system is very durable due to transferring the load onto the substructure.

Excellent thermal insulation of this system, ranging from Uf equal to 0.6 W/m2K, and tightness of the structure ensure top thermal properties, thus making this system perfect for all energy - saving buildings.

System FA 50N A is compatible with other systems, the accessories are identical as in our basic solution, FA 50N, and the profiles are prefabricated by Yawal. All those features ensure fast and easy assembly of the building structure.