System of large sliding doors with narrow profiles, completely hidden in the floor, walls and ceiling.

At Moreview, you can order doors with a maximum height of 4 m and a maximum weight of a sliding leaf of up to 1200 kg. The aesthetics of the design are added, among other things, by the visible profile width when lowering the leafs, which is only 27 mm. The innovative design allows you to install double-glazed windows next to each other without aluminum parts visible from the outside. Using a static profile, you can perform a series of continuous glazing, and the all-glass angle element allows you to set them at any angle.

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  • unlimited access to sunlight - transparency up to 98%,
  • independent structures of the Moreview system can be connected at 90° angle,
  • a static mullion allows for designing a row of fixed glazing which can be additionally connected at any angle thanks to using an all-glass corner,
  • manual or automatic control. The control mechanism is hidden or assembled at the outside of the construction,
  • the possibility of glazing from the outside,
  • linear drainage integrated with the frame,
  • the Moreview system allows for the replacement of worn guide rolls without the
    necessity to disassemble heavy door leafs.


  Maximum weight of manually operated sliding leaf 400 kg
  Maximum weight of automatically operated sliding leaf 1200 kg
  Maximum weight of fixed leaf 1000 kg
  Maximum height of construction 4 m
  Maximum width of leaf 4 m
  Glass thickness 50 - 60 mm
  Construction depth for double-rail guide 192 mm
  Construction depth for triple-rail guide 294 mm
  Construction depth for leaf 72 mm
  Visible width of sliding door leaf connection 27 mm


 Maksymalny ciężar skrzydła przesuwanego manualnie 400 kg
 Maksymalny ciężar skrzydła przesuwanego automatycznie  1200 kg
 Maksymalny ciężar skrzydła stałego 1200 kg
 Maksymalna wyskość konstrukcji 4000 mm
 Maksymalna szerokość skrzydła 4000 mm
 Grubość szyby  50-60 mm
 Głębokość konstrukcyjna dla szyny dwujezdniowej 192 mm
 Głębokość konstrukcyjna dla szyny trzyjezdniowej 294 mm
 Głębokość konstrukcyjna skrzydła 72 mm
 Widoczna szerokość połączenia skrzydeł drzwi przesuwnych 27 mm



  Air permeability class 4 acc. to PN-EN 12207
  Water tightness class 9A acc. to PN-EN 12208
  Wind load resistance class C4 acc. to PN-EN 12210
  Heat transfer coefficient Uw from 0,7 W/m²K
  Anti-theft protection class RC2
  Acoustic insulation Rw 42 dB
  Impact resistance class I5/E5 acc. to PN-EN 14019

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