Modern system of sliding door and overhead sliding door with thermal insulation.

The system is offered in 2 versions of the built in depth: DP 86 and DP 110. Excellent thermal insulation was obtained using thermal separators precisely in the plane of the glazing and thanks to dividing the structure zones to: warm (with thermal insulation) and cold (without insulation). It is the only solution of this kind available on the market.

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  • fast and simple prefabrication thanks to frame profile cutting at 90º angle,
  • simple and fast assembling and disassembling of door sash due to sash profile cutting at 45º angle and connecting by the use of twisted connector,
  • possibility of glazing by the use of clip accelerating glazing process and ensuring simple replacement of glass pane in case of crack,
  • patented solution of drainage element simplifying construction of drainage system simultaneously enhancing its efectivity,
  • the only system of this class available on the market which enables manufacture of overhead sliding structures,
  • solution of the so called “narrow mullion” in DP 100 version,
  • possibility of connection DP SLIDE constructions with side transom,
  • 50 mm widening simplifying roller shutter box assembling,
  • profiles allowing for the so called “French” assembly, which involves installation of the structure on an old frame covered with aluminium angle profiles.


  DP 86 DP 110
 Air permeability class 4 acc. to PN EN 12207 class 4 acc. to PN-EN 12207
 Water tightness class 9A acc. to PN EN 12208 class 9A acc. to PN-EN 12208
 Wind load resistance C4 acc. to PN EN 12210 C4 acc. to PN-EN 12210
 Avaible versions double rail double and triple rail
 Max. weight of sliding sash 80 kg  200 kg
 Max. weight of lift-and-slide sash 120 kg  200 kg
 Structural depth for double rail 86 mm  108 mm
 Structural depth for triple rail -  167 mm
 Glass thickness 20-24 mm 29-33 mm 
 Max leaf width/height 1200 mm x 2400 mm 1200 mm x 2400 mm


DP SLIDE System - Reference objects