FA 50N HI System

FA 50N HI is a system with highest thermal insulation properties, modern and energy-efficient, characterised by great water tightness and wind load resistance.

It is perfect for applications in office buildings or public buildings. It also provides uncountable architectural possibilities. This solution has the best parameters among all products of the same class available on the market. Unique system of foam insulation and possibility of using double-chamber glass panes allows for obtaining excellent thermal insulation properties.

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• allows for creating constructions of various shapes (turns, bends, polygonal shapes),
• complies with all valid standards concerning water tightness, thermal insulation and fire resistance,
• wide variety of masking strips allows for diversified final appearance of curtain walls,
• possibility of profile bending,
• reduction of heating costs,
• possibility of combination with other Yawal systems.


Air permeability class AE 1500 acc. to PN-EN 13830
Water tightness class RE 1800 acc. to PN-EN 13830
Heat transfer coefficient Uf = from 0,63 W/m2K acc. to PN-EN ISO 10077-2
Wind load resistance 2400 Pa acc. to PN-EN 13830
Acoustic insulation Rw = 53 dB acc. to PN-EN ISO 140-3
Impact resistance class I5, E5 acc. to PN-EN 13830
Anti-theft protection RC2, RC3, RC4 acc. to PN-EN 1627
Internal visible width 50 mm
External visible width 50 mm
Glazing fixed with termination bars and masking stripsi
Glazing thickness 32÷62 mm
Opened elements: - outwards tilt / sliding windows FA 50N SW
- inwards opened windows (FA 50N INV)
- inwards opened windows in systems TM 62/TM 62HI , TM 74HI, TM 77HI
- door TM 62/74/77/77 PRESTIGE, DP 100/150T/180, PI 50
+ automatic door
Max weight 450 kg


FA 50N HI System - Reference objects