Yawal S.A., partner of a conference organized by Lithuanian magazine “Structum”.

Last Thursday, on 27th July 2017, our representatives took part in conference „Modern buildings – progress in context of countries”, which was organized by Lithuanian magazine Structum.

The meeting held for 250 representatives of widely understood world of architecture was organized in the Cinema theatre of Multikino in the shopping centre Ozas in Vilnius. The conference was opened by a speech of the leading Lithuanian architect, Gintautasa Natkevičiusa, who was talking about modern architecture.

Next stages of the meeting were presentations of the Yawa. S.A. companies  invited to participate, represented by Oliwia Brzuszczak – Architectonic Projects Coordinator. She presented modern, global trends in aluminium fittings covering, amongst others:
- development of passive systems
- increase of popularity for large-size glazings
- development of energy saving photovoltaic solutions
- development of unique aluminium structures adjusted to the needs of a given project
- professional service for individual clients
- implementation of „intelligent home” concept

Speech of Yawal got attention of Lithuanian architects gathered in the room.

Poland, in addition to Yawal S.A., was represented by the co-founder of KAMJZ company, Maciej Jakub Zawadzki, who, together with his coworkers, create amazing and innovative architectonic projects executed around the world,