Yawal door systems with a Roto Eneo CC electromechanical multipoint lock

The purpose of a solid door is not only to protect your home against adverse weather conditions. It should also protect household members and their valuable items, preventing visits from unwanted guests. Doors equipped with a Yawal system multi-point hook-bolt lock are ideal for getting the job done. However, even the most reliable lock will not stop an intruder if we forget to lock the door! To minimize the risk of such a situation, a Yawal door with a Roto Eneo CC electric multipoint lock can be installed today.

As soon as you leave and the door closes behind you, the electric lock is automatically enabled without you having to turn the key. From the inside, the door opens when you press a button – regardless of whether it is locked or not. Of course, we can also use a key to close and open the door at any time.

Thanks to its electric opening and closing, the “Eneo CC” electro-mechanical multi-point lock ensures convenience for modern homes. It can be implemented in buildings without barriers. It is an intelligent alternative to the troublesome act of opening a door with a key.

The lock includes: a main lock, a drive unit, frame elements and two additional hook bolts. The latter, in combination with a solid stainless steel strip, provide excellent anti-theft protection and a tight door seal for many years of use.


It is possible to use our locks in double doors; in such a case, a central locking latch would have to be used – 105.4240.0 (right) / 105.4241.0 (left) and a magnetic contactor 105.4244.0.

The Roto Eneo CC lock can be installed in all doors that are based on the following systems: TM 74HI, TM 77HI, TM 77HI Prestige and TM 102 HI Prestige.

It allows integration with various modern access control systems, including keypad with a PIN code, Bluetooth smartphone or fingerprint reader. Each system can easily be replaced thanks to identical mounting dimensions and plug-in connections. The most convenient system is the optional, compact remote control which works independently of the selected control system.

Solutions available at Yawal Constructor.

105.4276.0   105.4274.0   105.4273.0

• Range up to 10 metres
• 31 remote controls can be programmed
• Invisible receiver – mounted in the drive unit
• If you lose your remote control, all other remote controls can be reset and reprogrammed
• Programming of remote controls is done by means of an invisible programming button on the lock strip
• Excellent protection against code scanning: dynamic 66-bit coding with "variable code", making code scanning ineffective


• Makes opening doors easy after a code is selected
• LED lighting allows easy operation at night
• Individually programmable 4- to 6-digit code
• Main code and max. 20 user codes can be programmed
• Ready plug connection to the drive unit
• Elegant stainless steel outer plate


-• Comfortable, quick door opening with a fingerprint reader
• LED lighting allows easy operation also at night
• Up to 150 fingerprints can be saved
• The system “learns”: with each opening the system recognizes your fingerprint faster and faster
• Children can use it too
• Meets the highest security standards
• Ready plug-in connection via the drive unit
• Elegant stainless steel outer plate