Spectacular results of burning Yawal skylights!

Recently, our E&D Department has been intensively working on implementation of a new fire protection solution to our offer.

First stage of tests involved burning the roof installed on structural façade REI 15, and REW 30. The test was completed successfully resulting in the fact that Yawal has become the only manufacturer of architectonic aluminium systems in the country that may offer clients this type of skylights.

Next stage of tests, involved burning the skylights REI 15, and REW 30. Tests were carried-out on the glass pane, which contrary to standard fire-resistant glass panes, does not contain gel. It is a very economic solution because tested type of glass pane is cheaper than traditional fire-resistant glass pane. The following parameters were obtained when burning the glass pane REI 15 and REW 30 – for first 15 minutes of the process, temperature of construction did not exceed 180º. The maximum permitted dimension of glass pane in construction of the skylight is 2308 x 1228 mm.

Results of second test also turned out to be highly satisfactory. Yawal is now one of three companies on Polish market which may use glass pane that does not contain gel in the structure of the skylight.

Implementations to the structure of the skylight will be implemented by the end of 2017, which will involve, amongst others, increase of inclination angle from 0-15o to up to 0-80o, as well as the possibility to use obligue crosspiece. Additionally, the necessity to use steel flat bars in reinforcements was eliminated.