Aluminium windows - Yawal TM 77HI

A safe window and door system allowing for obtaining excellent technical parameters of the designed structures in the scope of thermal and acoustic insulation or water tightness.

It enables the creation of windows and doors with large surfaces in various layouts and configurations.

The system is compatible with the full range of hardware available on the market.

Advantages of the system

  • Possibility to manufacture balcony doors with low threshold or tilt and slide doors
  • Possibility to design a structure in industrial version imitating steel windows
  • Option to design windows with hidden sash and outward opening windows
  • Possibility to make all-glass corner
  • Possibility to automate opening process
  • Compatible with linear drainage system
  • Elimination of bimetallic effect through split thermal break

Technical parameters

Thermal insulation

Windows- 0,8÷1,4 W/m2K
Doors - 0,9÷1,5 W/m2K

Acoustic insulation

Windows - 39÷48 dB
Doors - 36÷45 dB

Burglar resistance

Windows - RC2, RC3, RC4
Doors - RC2, RC3

Maximum leaf/sash weight

Windows - 180 kg
Doors - 250 kg

Maximum width

Single-sash window - 1300 mm
Single-leaf door - 1400 mm

Maximum height

Single-sash window - 3000 mm
Single-leaf door - 3000 mm