What actions must be taken by the company to apply for fire resistance certificate?

In compliance with the resolution of the Minister of Infrastructure, assessment of fire resistant door compliance and set of products for execution of fire resistant internal and external walls based on Yawal systems is carried out by themanufacturer, who applies the following compliance assessment systems:
- system 1 –in the case of turn fire resistant door and/or smoke protection or fire resistant technical windows
- system 1 – in the case of sliding fire-resistant door
- system 3 – in the case of sliding, general use door(without declared fire resistance) and set of products for execution of internal and external walls.

In the case of compliance assessment for system 1, the Manufacturer may introduce the product to the market if the accreditedcertifying entity issues the compliance certificate for the product based on:
a) manufacturer tasks:
- plant production control
- auxiliary tests for finished goods (samples) taken in the manufacturing plant and carried out by the manufacturer based on the established test schedule
b) tasks of the accredited unit:
- initial type tests
- initial inspection of the production plant and plant manufacture control
- continuous supervision, assessment and approval for the plant manufacture control

In the case of system 3, the Manufacturer may introduce the product to the market based on:
- initial type test carried out by the accredited laboratory
- plant manufacture control

Detailed tests schedule and scope of documentation required in the procedure of applying for certificates for fire protection structures are delivered by the Regional Technical and Trade Consultants.

To which product declaration of compliance is issued?

According to definition presented in the Act on construction products, the national declaration of conformity is the statement of the manufacturer, which, under his sole liability, declare that the construction product is compliant with the Polish Product Standard or Technical Approval.

Declaration of conformity should be issued by the manufacturer after product compliance with adequate technical specification is verified, using compliance assessment system defined in this specification, or system determined in the Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure on making declarations on construction products and manner of their marking with construction sign.

Principles for issuance of compliance declaration are described in the COMPLIANCE ASSESSMENT chapter covered by the Technical Approvals issued for YAWAL systems.

Systems subject to the assessment based on issued Technical Approvals are:PBI 50N, PBI 40E, TM 75EI, TM 90EI, TM 62EI, PBI 84 OFFICE, YAWALBOND, and roof structures FA 50N

To which product declaration of performance is issued?

If the product is covered by harmonized standard, or if the European Technical Assessment was issued for the product, the manufacturer should present declaration of  performance when introducing the product to the market.

Currently valid harmonized standards:

 Standard number
PN-EN 14351-1+A2:2016-10
 Title Windows and door - Product standard, performances - Part 1: External window and door
 Published on
 Technical body
KT 169, Windows, Doors, Blinds and Fittings
 Implements EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2016 [IDT]
 Substitutes PN-EN 14351-1+A1:2010
PN-EN 14351-1+A1:2010/Ap1:2012
PN-EN 14351-1+A1:2010/Ap2:2012
  Standard number PN-EN 13830:2015-06
  Title Curtainwalls - product standard
  Published on 10.06.2015
  Technical body KT 169, Windows, Doors, Blinds and Fittings
  Implements EN 13830:2015 [IDT]
  Substitutes PN-EN 13830:2005

Obligations related to introduction of construction products to the market are subject to the Resolution of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) no. 305/2011 of 9th March 2011. Resolution on construction products clearly defines obligations of the manufacturer, whose drawing up the declaration of performance is obliged to ensure that the product meets declared performances. Declaration of performance should be issued for windows and door made of profiles with thermal separator (without fire resistance classification), and for façade structures.

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