Facade systems

What is the difference between insulated glass used in structural facade and glass panes in facades with clips?

Facade, commonly called structural, is the facade in which glass sets are fixed to aluminium structure with glue or in a mechanical manner without visible fixing strips. In this kind of structures, both glass insulation, as well as sealing must be performed with use of sealers resistant to UV.

Are the tilt windows in the facade system prepared for strict thermal guidelines acc. to regulations to be implemented in 2021?

The use of SW windows with double-glazed insulated panes on hot distance frame allows for the strictest thermal requirements to be met.

What is the weight of 1 m2 of the facade and glass skylights?

Weight of the facade depends mainly of the thickness of glass used, types of posts and bolts. The weight of 1 mm thick glass pane is 2.5 kg, and the weight of a post or a bolt is ca. 4 kg/m. To simplify, it may be assumed that the weight of 1 m2 of glass facade varies between 45 up to 80 kg.

What are maximum dimensions of permanent section in the facade?

Thickness and internal construction of glass panes are defined based on the static calculations, taking into account climatic load, usable load, protection against sunlight exposure, thermal protection, and other requirements. The facade system allows for the system to support glass pane, weight up to 450 kg. In the case of heavier glass, special solutions have to be designed.

Does the facade meet the requirements of the balustrade?

Pursuant to clause 301(3) of „The terms and conditions which shall be met by buildings and their location”, the windowsill can be lowered provided that the window is secured with a balustrade to the required height, or if non opening window leaf and glass of increased resistance are used in this area. For each facade, project comprising of, among others, static calculations considering climatic load, usable load, and other loads present in a given case should be developed.  Profiles, thickness, and glass type selected in this way should ensure safety of use.

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