Spectacular success of the Moreview system just three months after its release!

The Moreview system for creating large-size structures with hidden frames in the walls of the building debuted only a few months ago, and already today it conquers not only Polish but also foreign markets. As the first system solution to be appreciated by competition capitals of such plebiscites as TOP Builder 2020, IRBS 2020 and TOP Design Award 2020. Moreview received awards for design, advanced technology and innovation.

However, the real verification of the system was carried out by the market. Overnight, customers of Yawal S.A. order more and more Moreview structures to the United States, among others. Several dozen structures have already been installed in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and France. Investors appreciate the feeling of unlimited space provided by narrow-profile constructions based on Moreview. The manufacturers, in turn, praise the system for its sophisticated construction by Yawal constructors, which facilitates assembly, prefabrication and servicing.

An added value, emphasized by customers, is the help of the technical department of Yawal S.A., which always carries out prefabrication of the first Moreview construction at the manufacturer's headquarters. During practical training, knowledge about the construction, properties and correct assembly of the system is also passed on.

"Moreview is an extremely attractive product for us, because it fits in with contemporary architectural trends and investors' expectations related to, among other things, the transparency of the structure and minimizing its visible aluminium elements. The system from Yawal S.A., thanks to its practically thresholdless construction, eliminates all barriers between the interior of the building and the external environment. All those interested are welcome to visit our showroom in Rybnik, where you can take a closer look at the Moreview system. - Grzegorz Wątroba, owner of Gral.


"We are currently assembling structures based on the Moreview system in Germany. Investors from this region are extremely sensitive to the technical parameters of the chosen solutions. Moreview with the best thermal insulation on the market among such large-scale structures (Uw from 0.7 W/m²K) perfectly meets their requirements. For me - from the manufacturer's point of view - the technical support provided by Yawal S.A. employees, the ease of prefabrication of the MV system and its virtually unlimited construction possibilities are very important". - Artur Dorosz, owner of Aluterm.

"We didn't expect so much interest in the Moreview system from the very beginning. We knew that our system is one hundred percent refined and that sooner or later it will gain recognition in the eyes of manufacturers, but we were astonished by the scale of inquiries, quotations and orders. This shows that Yawal has taken a good development direction for its systems. We are already working on further development of Moreview-compatible products, which I hope we will present soon. - said Łukasz Kucharczyk, Yawal S.A. Commercial Director.